Month: November 2020

Air of Autumn

Oil on Board | 7 x 10 inches “It was great to capture the bright, crisp morning light falling over the hills and meadow. The wisps of smoke tracing the air from a nearby bonfire gave the painting some lovely soft edges that I think were needed.”

Cottage Backs, Zennor

Cottage Backs, Zennor

Oil on Board | 7 x 10 inches “I painted this lovely tranquil scene as I was waiting to get photos of a herd of Guernsey cattle that were being walked down the road for milking. I liked the character of the cottages with blooming hydrangeas in the gardens and the blue sea behind.”

White as Snow

Oil on Board | 7 x 5 inches “Seeing the fallen leaves floating delicately on the water’s surface drew me to paint this. It was an overcast autumn morning and the white geese stood out so starklyagainst the dark background. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this.”