Month: May 2016


Watercolour. 6.25×9.75 inches. Studio Piece. ‘I like the silver light in this piece and the accents of red.’  

‘Shadow Retreat’

Oil on Board. 10×14 inches. Studio Piece. ‘This was just the most amazing light effect I had ever seen. It was a pleasure to paint.’

‘Potato Patch, Twilight’

Oil on Board. 14×10 inches. Studio Piece. ‘I often complete pencil drawings on location too, when time or light is against me and then transfer those onto canvas when I get back to the studio.’

‘The Shepherd’

Oil on Board. 16×12 inches. Studio Piece. ‘This farmer, Will Puncher, features in many of my paintings, this is one of my favourites, I loved capturing the string that tied his coat together and the torn sleeves, but none of that detracts from the detail on his face.’  

‘Midday, Brancaster’

Watercolour. 13×20 inches. On Location. ‘Painted on location in early spring, mud is always a great subject for me! Getting the watercolour washes to dry on a cold spring day is a challenge, but necessary for building the layers up.’

‘Busy Day, Mousehole’

Watercolour. 28×18.5 inches. Studio Piece. ‘The scale of my work this year has been prompted by the Newlyn School of Artists, who were not afraid of painting on large surfaces. Sometimes the subject matter has more impact if you can see it on a larger scale. This location, St Clements Island, Mousehole is a busy …

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‘The Old Barn Interior’

Oil on Canvas. 16×20 inches. Studio Piece. ‘I painted on location at Parrs Farm after being invited to look inside their barn, this was a studio piece I did working from the original sketch. I added the hens to add some life in the painting and offer a focal point.’

‘Safe and Sound’

Oil on Canvas. 24×18 inches. Studio Piece. ‘Dad asked the returning fishermen if he could take their photo; Julian Brown responded with ‘you can’t take my photo, you’ll steal my soul – and my mate here is a Pagan, so you can’t take his photo!’ This was our first experience of the Cornish dry humour, they …

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The Dressers, Port Isaac

Oil on Board. 30×20 inches. Studio Piece. ‘Watching the fishermen catch the crabs, then process them on site was great to witness, I loved the light on their faces, capturing people at work is important to me. I’d like to thank everyone at Just Shellfish and the fishermen for allowing me to take photo’s.’ …

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