Month: June 2016

‘Winter Barn’

Pastel. 6.5×10.5 inches. Studio Piece. ‘Trying to keep pastels clean and sharp is a bit difficult, knowing that there is a field of mud just under the snowy covering. It’s nice to revisit locations at different times of the year.’

‘Moorings At Aldeburgh’

Watercolour. 10×6.5 inches. Studio Piece. ‘It was a very cold late spring day, though, for brief periods throughout the day the sun shone through the clouds. I had to make the best of the fleeting light.’

‘Cattle at Botallack’

Oil on Board. 7×10 inches. Studio Piece. ‘Botallack tine mines offer an eery location, what was once a bustling industry, teaming with people and metal production now lies dormant. Cornwall is a great county for taking care of their historical heritage and keeping public access open. I do confess to being inspired to paint this …

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‘Standing Proud’

Oil on Board. 5×7 inches. Studio Piece. ‘I was particularly interested in the perspective of this piece, the horse was standing slightly off centre and its nose pointed towards the fence in the distance. The visible texture of the canvas helps to add a gritty element to the grass and background that is otherwise nondescript. …

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‘Heifer ‘fore sail’

Oil on Board. 6×8 inches. On Location. ‘This was painted alongside David Curtis, it was a bright and sunny afternoon, the cow was added in the studio later to offer some life into the painting.’