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This year’s exhibition features the body of work that was undertaken during the UK lockdowns in 2020, coupled with the few months of relative freedom last summer.

Limited Edition, signed and numbered, fine art conservation prints.

Limited to 25 copies. They are signed by Kieron, numbered and stamped with a publishing mark. Each fine art conservation print comes with a signed and stamped gallery Certificate of Authenticity.

" I love painting landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes. I sometimes try to include figures in my work but always a bird if I can, it helps to add life to the painting. "
Kieron Williamson

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welcome to kieron williamson

Here you will find everything you might need or want to know about Kieron and his incredible talent as one of the world’s youngest and most internationally known selling artists.

Kieron, as some of you may already know, from the age of just 5 years old, developed an incredible passion for two things in life; football and painting.

Needless to say, this site does not tell you much about his football career (yet!), but the website will tell you everything there is to know about Kieron Williamson’s passion for oil, watercolour and pastel, for the landscapes of North Norfolk, the Broads and the story of how it all started with a few sketches on a holiday in Cornwall to international media fame and lightening fast sales at all of his UK exhibitions.

It’s been 10 years!

Celebrating Kieron's journey so far...

Kieron  is celebrating 10 years of painting after picking up a paintbrush for the first time at just 5 years of age!! Watch this video as we take you through the years of Kieron’s work.

latest work


This year’s exhibition features the body of work that was undertaken during the UK lockdowns in 2020, coupled with the few months of relative freedom last summer.

There is a definite rural theme to the paintings. Whether I found a solace in painting the idyllic countryside a short walk from where I live in Cornwall, surrounding myself in nature away from what seemed like a contaminated world, I often wondered if the farm animals were the only things I could get close enough to paint.

It could be because everyone around me were socially distancing and wearing face masks… yet, despite the truly unusual circumstances, these new paintings are ones I am very pleased with. 

My aim for each exhibition is to paint exciting and different subjects and most importantly to improve my work. However, with travel restrictions in place for most of the year, the exploration of new locations and subjects was nigh on impossible. This meant I worked within a very small radius of my home.

Searching for inspirational subjects was not as difficult as I had imagined. I found, and still do to this day, enough things that inspire me to paint right on my doorstep.’

– Kieron Williamson, June 2021

The Making of a master

BBC Documentary

Kieron held his first exhibition at the age of six. Buyers from around the world queue up to pay thousands for paintings by this boy, nicknamed ‘Mini Monet’. The media love him. Blue chip companies want him to endorse their products. Scientists have sought permission to wire up his brain. But there’s a lot more to Kieron Williamson’s success than just talent. This is a family affair. With exclusive access to the Williamson household, the film follows preparations for Kieron’s latest exhibition. It reveals how his career is skilfully managed by his family. Newcomers to both business and the art world, they’ve had to learn everything – from keeping Kieron on the level to looking after his public affairs and growing fortune. And this is a critical moment in his career as the 14-year-old begins the transition from child prodigy to adult artist.