Month: February 2014

High Tide, Mousehole

A great tribute to a lovely harbour, and it brings back fantastic memories of our holiday last year, swimming in the harbour and spending all day gilly crabbing and eating pasties. Painted 2014.

St. Benet’s Morning Light

I wasn’t sure if a portrait orientation would work with this painting, but I really like the elongated light being reflected down through the water, I like its busy presentation, despite it being fairly monotone. Painted 2013.

Day’s End, Norfolk

Testament that Norfolk has great skies, the photograph to this painting is stunning, its sometimes a shame to tweak the colours of the sky so that they sit in a particular palette, or are kinder on the eye, sometimes its nice to paint exactly what is there, a dramatic sky and all that it stands for. Painted 2014.

Old Joe

Not sure that’s its name, but I imagine it would like being called Joe. I love the rough and rustic brushwork in this study, thick winter coat and grass, lovely. Painted 2014.

Distant Cattle

I love seeing cattle grazing on the marshes, they break up the very flat and linear landscape. The composition of this piece with the meandering water and height of the mill reaching into the sky helps to break up the subject matter and takes your eye on a journey into the painting. Painted 2014.

As the Mist Lifts, Cold Harbour

This is the second painting and you can see the intensity of the sun’s reflection on the water is slightly more intense, burning the mist away and revealing a bit more detail to the surroundings. The presence of a distant figure and a boat signals the start of the day. Painted 2014.