Where the Wind Blows

Oil on Board | 12 x 16 inches “The light on this cow was sumptuous, it wasn’t bright white, there were so many warm and cool lights on her back and so too in the shadow. I find spending so much time around cattle really helpful when I come to paint them.”

February Profile

Oil on Board | 9 x 7 inches “I like the grey overcast sky, the light was so soft on Billie’s face. I felt inspired by a portfolio of Western art I had viewed certainly with the approach to the composition and subject.”

October In July

Oil on Board | 6 x 10 inches “It was an absolutely freezing morning, the sea was raging and the winds were so strong. I painted this nestled in a relatively sheltered part of the cliff. The light and colour of the sea was just like an autumnal day.”

A Moorland Sunrise

Oil on Board | 6 x 9 inches “I painted this when we had the Saharan dust that turned everything so hazy. It was beautiful seeing the red sun rising over the moors. Not a sound disturbed the peace while I painted the wild horses grazing at sunrise.”