Hazy Shade of Winter

Oil on Board | 6 x 8 inches “It was such a beautiful winter’s evening when I was painting this. There was a bit of warmth in the sun and there were massive waves rolling into Port Quin. The song ‘Hazy shade of winter’ by Simon and Garfunkel was in my head while I painted.”

Sundown Surf

Oil on Board | 5 x 7 inches “After painting so many farming and landscape subjects over the winter, I really fancied painting the blue foam of breaking waves. I like the colour of the foam with the yellow of the reflected sunset. I was careful not to make the painting too pretty.”

Farm Goose

Oil on Board | 7 x 5 inches “This study of a goose was in preparation for a larger studio painting. Because the goose was in shadow I was working out how light I could go with it, whilst still portraying the subject as being in the shade.”

Mygog Rock

Oil on Board | 7 x 5 inches “It was a really cold July morning when I painted this view of the cliffs at Port Isaac. I sat on a windy knoll on Lobber Point. Despite the cold discomfort, I just had to paint the stunning sky.”