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Oil on board | 5 x 7 inches “I was hoping for a bit more sunlight while painting this, but actually the dark foreground and sky made for a really moody piece. The highland cow leads your eye to the sunlit Rough Tor in the distance.”

Into a Bed of Blue

Oil on board | 5 x 7inches “I really enjoy painting this type of sunset, where the atmosphere is hazy and you can comfortably look at the sun setting. This painting is also a homage to British artist George Clausen RA (1882-1944) who’s famous painting “Sunset” captured the sun’s colour perfectly. I have that painting …

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In a Cornish Meadow

Oil on board | 6 x 9inches ”I love the hawthorn and gorse lined meadows in Cornwall, I painted this at the gate to the meadow, to the sound of bees on blossom and a cuckoo, which seemed to follow me wherever I painted!”

Belties on Newton Downs

Oil on board | 6 x 9inches “The skies where absolutely amazing on this particular day. The subject reminded me of the cloud studies Munnings did throughout his career, but particularly his cloud studies on Exmoor. The twisted gorse bush and herd of Belted Galloway’s completed the painting.”

Sunlit Hawthorn

Oil on panel| 8 x 8inches “It was a struggle to capture the warm evening light on the spring landscape. It was made harder by passing clouds that would throw the Hawthorn tree into shade then light up the mid ground. It is such struggles you can only experience while painting outside. It really makes …

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Oil on board | 7 x 10 inches “I was hoping for a bit of sunlight on the foreground, however the clouds kept forming and the light remained in the distance. It did make for a very moody painting, the radiant light on the sea, against the dark cliffs and fields. I had the added …

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Oil on board | 7 x 10 inches “It was a perfect start to the day, not a cloud in the sky. I sat in the same spot as I did when I painted “Evening” – at the top of the field beside a bale. I had arrived about 15 minutes before sunrise, so that …

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