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Bratton Down Point to Point

Oil on Board | 10 x 14 inches

“I loved the sunlight and shadows on the distant hills of Exmoor. It gave a lovely backdrop to the horses racing. I wrote this accompanying poem.”

Fair weather clouds drift in the sky,
A breeze keeps away the gladfly.
Blue shadows creep across moors-
The alluring slopes of Exmoor.

The 2pm race gets underway,
The first race on this warm spring day.
5 runners set off, jostling for space,
Over the first fence, gathering pace.

Sunlit silks against deep blue skies,
Shiny horses with glinting eyes.
Clumps of turf fling from hooves that pound,
The point to point course at Bratton Down.

A crowd on a hillock beside me,
The horse they’ve all backed gallops free.
Jumping and shouting without care,
The horse they all fancied- named The Mulcair.

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