Skein over St Benet’s

The miniature watercolour series in this year’s collection of work enabled me to portray St Benet’s Abbey in all its light and in all the seasons. It doesn’t matter which view you choose, its always an impressive outcome.

Pink Hue, St Benet’s

Its nice to be able to offer a scene on a small scale, I think small paintings can be as atmospheric as larger paintings, painting sunset shades in watercolour is as much fun as in pastel, creating a different tonal value completely.

Frosty Light, Cold Harbour

I enjoyed adding detail to the foreground and emphasising the dark water beneath the reed bed on the left, the dark tones really help to ground you into the bank and you are held there, looking out towards the dimly lit distance.

Blakeney Sunrise

Having the freedom to wake up in the morning and choosing a location to go and absorb is great, and I appreciate how fortunate I am, Blakeney offers a painting on a plate each and every time, whatever the time of day…