As the Mist Lifts, Cold Harbour

This is the second painting and you can see the intensity of the sun’s reflection on the water is slightly more intense, burning the mist away and revealing a bit more detail to the surroundings. The presence of a distant figure and a boat signals the start of the day. Painted 2014.

Cold Harbour, Frosty Light

I enjoyed adding detail to the foreground and emphasising the dark water beneath the reed bed on the left, the dark tones really help to ground you into the bank and you are held there, looking out towards the dimly lit distance. Painted 2013.

Geese Aflight, Thurne

It wasn’t until I saw this painting presented inside a mount that I realised just how varied the colours are in this painting. I love the low flying geese over the frosty reeds and the distant snow clad rooftops. Painted 2014.

Duck’s Crossing

The contrast of the cool shades in this painting compared to the other painting of Duck’s Crossing offers an opportunity to see how often a location changes in its light and tone. Painted 2013.

Sailor Boy

This painting reminded me of a poem I read by Lord Alfred Tennyson, I wrote it on the back of the canvas:   ‘He rose at dawn and fired with hope, shot o’er the seathing harbour-bar, and reach’d the ship and caught the rope, and whistled to the morning star.’