Month: June 2020

Hen Pecked

Oil on Board | 14 x 20 inches ‘I finished a little plein air sketch of this and scaled it up for this painting. It was really lovely sitting in the meadow painting the study for this larger work, surrounded by dozing cattle and young calves and much improved with roaming chickens!’

Under the Sun’s Golden Rays

Oil on Canvas | 22 x 12 inches ‘This is another painting in this collection that was inspired by Swedish artist Anders Zorn. His paintings of nude figures, outdoors, using a very limited palette of just three or four colours, was in the back of my mind whilst painting this.’

King of the Highlands

Oil on Canvas | 18 x 14 inches ‘This is my favourite painting in this year’s exhibition. The mist rising off the loch was beautiful; the big bull silhouetted against the bright water and the melting frost on the ground made for such a great painting.’

Study, Waiting for Spring

Oil on Board | 12 x 16 inches ‘Having completed this painting, I had no intention of undertaking a larger version. However, after viewing the painting whilst in the studio, I felt that scaling the painting up and changing the format would make a stunning composition.’