Month: June 2020

Lismore Castle

Pastel | 5 x 9 inches ‘It was so quiet here: only the clucking of chickens in the garden of a nearby cottage and seals bobbed about in the bay beside the castle. It was freezing cold and such a windy day; fortunately, the castle was completely sheltered.’

Soon be Lunch

Oil on Canvas | 18 x 24 inches ‘This painting was inspired by “Paying the Harvesters” by the French naturalist artist Leon Augustin Lhermitte. I knew I wanted to paint and depict every detail but also keep the life in the painting; this was a challenge. Before undertaking this particular piece, I had experienced a …

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Sheep on Lismome

Oil on Board | 14 x 20 inches ‘Lismore is a beautiful island just off Port Appin on the west coast of Scotland. I spotted this subject as soon as we got onto the island. I particularly enjoyed painting the subtle greys in the distant mountain range.’