March Sun and the Old Oak

Oil on Board | 7 x 10 inches ‘I have walked, cycled and run past this house hundreds of times but it had never appealed to me insofar as becoming the subject of a painting. However, on this morning, it just did! I was reminded of George Clausen’s “Village Inn, Misty Morning” while painting this.’

A Toiler Still

Oil on Board | 7 x 10 inches ‘This is a great subject: an old, rustic tractor cultivating a field. I think that the early autumn colours in the trees and the warm glow from his hat evoke a feeling of the very last drops of warmth in the sun before winter.’


Oil on Board | 10 x 6 inches ‘Inspired by the Zorn palette, I only used four colours for this painting. Blue was replaced with a black, which meant having to keep my palette very clean. It was a great exercise in colour mixing.’

Norfolk Oaks

Oil on Board | 6 x 9 inches ‘I love painting at Harvest time. This time of year reminds me of paintings by Sir George Clausen RA. My aim was to capture the atmosphere, particularly trying to evoke the smell of dusty straw that envelops the senses.’

The White Hat

Oil on Board | 6 x 8 inches ‘This is possibly the most detailed portrait I have ever done. It was nice to focus on and paint every small wrinkle, really allowing me to understand and feel the form of the face.’