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Sunlit Doorway

Oil on Board | 14” x 10” ‘I think it was best to really simplify everything and try to capture the atmosphere of the back water. Where would you stop if you started looking at the crumbling bricks and ornate architecture, the decaying wood and intricate reflections? I think the effect would be lost.’


A Venetian Backwater

Watercolour | 9.5” x 7.5” ‘This was painted from an idyllic position – tucked down a dead end alley that lead off near the Basilica Dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo. Barbara Hawkins and I painted in almost complete peace, only the chugging of boats and jovial singing of the gondoliers broke the silence.’

The Dark Alley

Oil on Board | 14” x 9″ ‘This is the opposite view from where I painted “A Venetian Back Water”. Scuola Grande Di San Marco is the white building at the end of the alley. The joy of Venice is not having to travel very far for your next painting.’