Still in the Shadow

Oil on board, 8×8″ This was a lovely frosty morning and a typical on location exercise. Dad wasn’t with me for most of it, as he stood out in the sunshine taking photo’s while I froze to death in the frosty shadows!!

No Riddling Today

Oil on board, 6.5×10″ I painted this during the week leading up to Christmas. It was a beautiful morning and a perfect subject, I like the abstract shapes on the right.

Caught My Eye

Oil on board, 7×10″ The attraction to this view was the bright yellow tarpaulin. Though abstract in shape and purpose, the painting wouldn’t work without it.

Gleaners in the Rickyard

Oil on board, 7×10″ I painted this on a perfect summer’s morning. I think the most rewarding paintings are often the simple understated ones. I can’t wait for this summer, to be able to paint similar scenes.

Golden Hour

Oil on board, 7×10″ I painted this just after Christmas with Jethro Tull’s song in my head ‘Ring Out Those Solstice Bells’! So fond memories are attached to this painting!

Shut That Door!

Oil on board, 7×10″ It was a challenge to work with the changing light to capture the rich warm tones of the barn roof, I wanted to get blocks of colour down to finish off in the studio.

Golden Barn

Oil on board, 14×10″ This was just the most magnificent, stunning barn interior, never had I enjoyed a painting experience more. It’s not often you get to appreciate the interior of a barn untouched by developers.

A Winter Idyll

Oil on board, 18×14″ Will has such a warm and friendly personality and a great characterful face I hope that comes across in this piece.

Unloading The Bales

Oil on board, 14×10″ What really attracted me to paint this was the light reflected off the trailer and barn, illuminating the skin tones on the arms and face.