Autumn Treads where Summer Ran

Oil on Canvas | 30 x 48 inches

“I spent the afternoon painting in Zennor waiting for the Guernsey cattle herd to be walked for milking closely followed by the Holstein Friesian herd. I had befriended the famers so I knew roughly what time they would be walked although I didn’t know exactly from which field. There was a wedding on in the town and no cattle to be seen in the nearby fields. Both me and my father planned a return trip so decided to walk across the fields to the Gurnards Head pub where we could wait for the Friesians to be walked.

Suddenly we spotted, in a neighbouring field, the Guernsey herd. Their udders full, waiting for the truck used to round them up for milking. I positioned myself carefully in a place where I could see Zennor church and just hoped the sun would stay out. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I photographed these dutiful, placid beasts as they ambled their way to the farm. The subject was stunning. I had in mind a large 40 x 60 inch canvas, but decided on a slightly smaller, panoramic canvas. From start to finish the painting took nearly two months and although it wasn’t all plain sailing, having really struggled at stages, I managed to push through. The result was exactly what I had in mind, which doesn’t always happen, I learned a lot from this painting and feel I am a better artist for having persevered.”

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