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When The Pheasants Roost

Watercolour | 5 x 6 inches

“I tagged along with my friend John to Exmoor for the day. After we dropped off a horse we drove to find some deer – such a wonderful sight, seeing handsome stags in such a desolate landscape. We then walked to Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor’s highest point and saw a weather ‘inversion’ stretching from Wales to Devon- an unbelievable sight. We stood at the top of Dunkery in complete sunshine while everything below was covered by cloud. We could clearly see Port Talbort Steelworks. After a lunch at Landacre Bridge we headed back to Cornwall and I took this amazing photo near South Molton. There was an incredible afterglow and full moon in the sky, the air was full of the sounds of pheasants croaking as they went up to roost – which reminded me of the Roald Dahl book “Danny The Champion Of The World” and Lilias Rider Haggard’s “I Walked By Night.”’ 

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