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When Sunbeams Through The Window Steal

Oil on Board | 7 x 5 inches


About the painting:
“I painted this on the first morning of our holiday to Cornwall last March. The garden was full of daffodils, so I found a vase from the holiday cottage bathroom and popped a couple of ‘daffs’ in the vase and got to work in one of the upstairs rooms. The sun was shining in and out behind the clouds while I was painting, so when it did break through it lit the yellow petals beautifully. I really liked the reflection of the blue and white curtain in the window. The composition of silvery light, white walls, blue and white curtains and the spring colours through the window is just so typically Cornish. Early springtime in Cornwall, if the weather is kind, is beautiful and my favourite time of year to be visiting.” Kieron


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