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Frost In The Orchard

 Pastel | 4.5 x 6.5 inches

About the painting:
“These Kerry Hill sheep look brilliant in our friend’s orchard, especially in the frost. I like the warm and cool colours, especially in the reflected light on the wool.” Kieron

The medium:
“At a young age I was never quite satisfied with using just one medium. My brain was a sponge and I desperately wanted to use the same mediums as the artists that inspired me. Working with pastels came very naturally to me.
After taking a few lessons under the tutorage of the late Tony Garner, a door was opened, and I found another way to capture the world around me in a new and more convincing way. The vibrancy and immediacy of the medium satisfied the impatience of my younger self although I now feel that the medium of pastel is much closer to the medium of oil, and if correctly applied the end results can look very similar.
I still love the smell of the dust and the sound of pastel on sandpaper. There’re very few things more satisfying than peeling off the masking tape with mucky hands to reveal a finished piece.” Kieron

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