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A Grey Mist On The Seas Face

Oil on Board | 10 x 7 inches


About the painting:
“I was hoping the mist would lift while we walked the dogs to Messack Point in Cornwall. Unfortunately, it didn’t, and I certainly needn’t have bothered carrying my paints all that way either! However, while I was in the shower, my father knocked on the door and told me that I had to see the mist. I quickly wrapped a towel around me and rushed out onto the balcony overlooking St Just Creek and over the river to Mylor Churchtown. The oyster fisherman, in their old red-sailed-boats, loomed out of the lifting mist. I got out my paints with no time to lose … or to get dressed … balancing my pochade box on the balcony handrail and managed to capture this surreal moment on canvas.” Kieron


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