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As the Bells Chime Eleven

Oil on Board | 7 x 8 inches


About the painting:
“The light was so good on the final days of our holiday in Cornwall. It was really misty in the mornings then giving way to glorious sunshine, with hues of autumn, in the afternoon landscape. I would take my paints with me on the morning dog walk to Messack Point. Although the walk was extremely picturesque, lugging my gear up those hills was particularly gruelling as it’s not very light weight, even with everything streamlined! I painted this utterly stunning subject on the way back home. It is so hard to describe the smell of seaweed and mud, the rustling of leaves, the cawing crows and gulls, the chinking of rigging on masts and the tuneful chimes of the church bells every 15 minutes! There were so many unreal colours reflected on the incoming tide in the creek coupled with a red buoy that just makes the whole scene work. I hope my painting goes someway to doing all of those things’ justice … this has to be one of my favourite ‘en plein air’ painting experiences.” Kieron


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