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Amongst The Berries

Oil on Board | 7 x 5 inches


About the painting:
“My father and I went to an auction at Glandford, Norfolk just before Christmas, while we were waiting for our lots to come up, we went for a drive and chanced upon some hawthorn trees which were absolutely full of berries and alive with blackbirds. We returned a couple of days later, on a more favourable afternoon weather wise, a frost that lingered in the lows all day and a bright, crisp, winter light. For almost two hours my father and I stood, almost motionless, by Wiveton Bridge waiting to get the right shot. Every time a blackbird landed on the bush, a car would come, scaring them off for several minutes until they plucked up the courage to come back and the process would be repeated time and time again. Finally, there was a break in traffic and our dogged persistence paid off. This little chap sat so contentedly amongst the berries; he was almost posing for me!” Kieron


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