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June 2022

The Turnip Field

Watercolour | 6 x 9 inches “My dad, sister and I were walking near these sheep the day when storm Eunice was due. The winds were forecast for later in the afternoon so we got out before the weather became too bad. The light was intense, impressive storm clouds and bright winter light, a lovely

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Watercolour | 5 x 9 inches “The colours were so rich that watercolour wouldn’t really be the first choice for this subject. I did use gouache to help reinstate some of the punchy lighter colours, especially the lovely lime green beneath the church.”

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Moonlit Bay

Watercolour | 6 x 6 inches “Elsie, my girlfriend, had dropped me off at the top of Church Hill in Port Isaac and went to find somewhere to park. I had to walk down a really muddy track to get onto the cliffs. I had forgotten my wellies, so I had to avoid all the mud

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