Month: July 2017

Golden Barn

Oil on board, 14×10″ This was just the most magnificent, stunning barn interior, never had I enjoyed a painting experience more. It’s not often you get to appreciate the interior of a barn untouched by developers.

A Winter Idyll

Oil on board, 18×14″ Will has such a warm and friendly personality and a great characterful face I hope that comes across in this piece.

Unloading The Bales

Oil on board, 14×10″ What really attracted me to paint this was the light reflected off the trailer and barn, illuminating the skin tones on the arms and face.

A Moment’s Rest

Oil on board, 28×15″ I enjoyed the challenge of the board size and think it lends itself well to enhancing the subject matter.

Bagging Up

Oil on canvas 24×18″ This was such a rewarding painting once I’d finished it, as it didn’t need reworking or altering.

One Too Many

Oil on canvas 24×18″ It was a challenge to know when to stop with this painting, I could easily have got carried away and lost the subtleties of lost and found edges and nuances of tone. I loved painting Will’s hands and they are an important part of the painting.


Oil on board, 12×24″ I was inspired by the work of Fred Hall in Penlee Gallery and museum. I like the red neckerchief on the old man and the dewy cobwebs in the foreground shadow.