ieron was a typical energetic toddler with a passion for mud and water.  He loved riding his bike and throwing stones into the sea and every available puddle.  The walk to and from school was more like an assault course for Kieron and he would often appear out of the bushes with a stick or bug in hand.

Today Kieron is one of the world's youngest, globally reaching artists.  His recent work has seen bids from over 35 different countries.  He has over 6000 fans on his mailing list, featured all over YouTube and the world's media websites.....
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Welcome to Kieron Williamson's official website!

Here you will find everything you might need or want to know about Kieron and his incredible talent as one of the world's youngest and most internationally known selling artists.
Kieron, as some of you may already know, at just 9 years old, has incredible passion for two things in life; football and painting.
Needless to say, this site does not tell you much about his football career (yet!), but the website will tell you everything there is to know about Kieron Williamson's passion for oil, watercolour and pastel, for the landscapes of North Norfolk, and the story of how it all started with a few sketches on a holiday in Cornwall to international media fame and lightening fast sales at all of his UK exhibitions.  
Read his Scrapbook for all the latest news of what he has been up to, people he has met and paintings he has completed...
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 Video of Kieron Williamson


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